Top Notch Markets Are Here 10 Cities You Should Consider Buying in 2024

Top Notch Markets Are Here: 10 Cities You Should Consider Buying in 2024


The housing market’s recent struggles are well-known.

With mortgage rates consistently around 8%, along with high costs and a lack of inventory (perhaps because homeowners are reluctant to let go of the lower rates they obtained a few years ago), many Americans are finding it extremely difficult, if not impossible, to become homeowners.

While this may be true, it’s important to remember that different cities have distinct property markets and that some are better than others, according to data compiled by

According to economist Jiayi Xu, “the list of housing markets emphasizes the critical role of affordability in shaping home-buying decisions.”

Xu elaborated by saying that, in September, the median home listing price was lower than the national average of $429,500 in six of the ten metro areas that were considered. The national median price per square foot is $222; seven of these markets have prices lower than that.

Dottie Herman, former CEO and vice chair of Douglas Elliman Real Estate, stated that the cheap prices and high quality of life in these locations are the key reasons why they are becoming so appealing.

Memphis, Charlotte, and Minneapolis are cities that are drawing more out-of-state interest in moving because they are more affordable. Other cities that are getting more out-of-state interest include Tampa Bay and Phoenix, which have seasonably mild weather. Cities like Dallas, Chicago, and Atlanta all have access to mid- to large-size cities.

“Plus, employees don’t have to live so close to their job with today’s hybrid/remote work schedule,” she noted.

Top Notch Markets Are Here 10 Cities You Should Consider Buying in 2024

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For anyone interested in purchasing a home in 2024, the following metro areas are worth keeping an eye on:

Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin’s Chicago-Naperville-Elgin metropolitan areas

The median listing price for the third quarter was $382,833.

Additionally,’s Hottest Zip Code study includes these metro areas.

The number of Chicago homebuyers seeking so-called “in-town” houses is high, according to

Chicago real estate agent Nick Libert of Exit Strategy Realty told, “So they might find a condo near the center of Chicago and have it set up as a short-term rental most of the year, or even have a timeshare arrangement with their friends.” All the attractions of the major metropolis are open to them. Major League Baseball, NBA games, concerts, festivals, and more are all within their reach.

Gwinnett County, Sandy Springs, and Alpharetta

Listing prices ranged from $430,313 in the third quarter.
According to, it’s interesting to see that Atlanta’s list price per square foot is approximately 12% lower than the national average, even if the city’s median list price is only 2% lower.

Atlanta homebuyers are reportedly receiving more space per dollar than those in the national market, as stated by

South Carolina’s Myrtle Beach, North Myrtle Beach, and Conway

Market value as at the end of the third quarter: $355,228


Coming Soon to New York: The New Wegmans Market

Real estate website reports that home prices in this coastal metro area fell by 10% from their mid-year peak in late 2022, but have since been climbing.

Arlington, Fort Worth, and Dallas, Texas

The median listing price for the third quarter was $461,458.
According to Dallas real estate investor and Best Texas House Buyers owner Mark Severino, there are multiple reasons why Dallas is considered one of the top areas to buy a house in 2024. Constant development and expansion, a wide range of choices, and a promising future are all part of it.

Few would choose to reside in an area where the value of their home is expected to decline. In terms of predicted population growth, Dallas is poised to surpass Chicago and become one of the most rapidly appreciating markets in the next years. What this means for homeowners is that their home’s value would probably rise during the next few days, he predicted.

Wisconsin—Minneapolis—St. Paul-Bloomington

The median listing price for the third quarter was $452,832.
According to, Minneapolis is still selling for 5% less than the national average for square footage.

Central Arizona (Phoenix, Mesa, Chandler)

Midpoint of the listing price for the third quarter: $536,600


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According to Xu, Phoenix has a more cheap housing market compared to other major western cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles, even if it is the most expensive market on our list. The city also has a warm and sunny atmosphere.

St. Louis and Kansas City, Missouri

The median listing price for the third quarter was $434,292.
The third quarter of 2023 saw Kansas City surpass and even surpass St. Louis, according to’s Xu.

Memphis, TN

The median listing price for the third quarter was $318,650.
Real estate in Memphis, Tennessee, has remained mostly unchanged in price since mid-2022, making it the most inexpensive metro market in Tennessee, according to

In contrast, Nashville witnessed quicker price increases in 2020 and 2021, a more severe decline in pricing last year, and a recent uptick.

Fl. Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater

The median listing price for the third quarter was $443,581.
Even though Tampa has more expensive housing, the allure of nicer weather is a big reason why people want to buy there.

Relocation choices are heavily impacted by climate, according to prior data from, Xu added.

South Carolina, North Carolina, and the cities of Charlotte, Concord, and Gastonia

The median listing price for the third quarter was $431,575.
Cities like Raleigh and Charlotte, North Carolina, will be prime investment opportunities in 2024 due to their low cost of living and strong job markets, says Kurt Carlton, president and co-founder of New Western.

He speculated that Greensboro would experience a similar upsurge of activity in 2024 if New Western investors were active.

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