Teens Kidnap Man in Southwest Dc Neighborhood; Video Shows Attack

Teens Kidnap Man in Southwest Dc Neighborhood; Video Shows Attack


A video that has gone popular online depicts a man attempting to flee from what seems like a group of bullies in the Buzzard Point area of Washington, DC.

Evidence from a different camera position shows that one of the accused assailants pursued and punched the victim in the side.

About 11:30 p.m., on Half Street in Southwest, close to Audi Field, a simple assault occurred, according to D.C. police. Tomorrow, July 8th.

According to investigators, the victim chose not to submit a report; as a result, they reviewed the film and came to the conclusion that the “victim being assaulted by suspect 1 and suspect 2.”

Teens Kidnap Man in Southwest Dc Neighborhood; Video Shows Attack

What happened was caught on camera by Nick Baker’s car dash cam, which he then posted online. He finds the level of violence to be disturbing and horrible.


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It is my deepest belief that these facts must be acknowledged by all. Because these juveniles commit the crimes, we must not be lenient. In order to be effective, we need guidelines, Baker stated.

The culprits should be held responsible for their crimes, according to Baker.

“They’re young enough that they can improve, learn that what they’re doing is wrong so I hope that being called out for it will be a wake-up call to them,” according to Baker.

When Georgie Britcher noticed the issue was becoming worse, she was out walking her dog.

“It was a very outnumbered situation in terms of a bunch of kids and one guy,” according to Britcher.

The District has seen a 17% decrease in overall crime compared to the previous year. When the figures don’t represent people’s true emotions, though, they lose much of their significance.

“For me, I am more concerned about how young the criminals are getting, I think that’s what, for me, if anything, I have the most issue with,” according to Britcher.”

Even now, the District of Columbia Police Department is actively seeking leads in this investigation. If you have any information, please contact 202-727-9099 or send a report to 50411.

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