Teen Murder Suspect's Release Conditions Unveiled in Court Documents for 13-Year-Old Girl's Death

Teen Murder Suspect’s Release Conditions Unveiled in Court Documents for 13-Year-Old Girl’s Death

LYNNWOOD, Washington –

Charges against a 16-year-old boy who is suspected of shooting 13-year-old Jayda Woods-Johnson dead at the Alderwood Mall in Lynnwood last week, according to prosecutors in Washington state, could be brought.

A detention order that KOMO was able to get on Monday states that the youngster is under home arrest and is not in custody.

Judge Patrick Moriarty’s order stated that there was probable cause for the teen’s murder and assault. Moriarty ordered bond at $500,000, which could only be posted by the suspect’s parent or legal guardian, noting that the individual posed a threat to public safety. Less than a day after the teen’s arrest, on Thursday, the bond was posted, per court documents.

Court Documents Details Release Conditionsfor a teenage suspect who may have killed someoneThe girl in 201The judge’s decision for the teen’s release stipulated that he would remain under house arrest, with exceptions for going to court, school, getting drug or alcohol treatment, or spending time with his parents.


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The order further states that the adolescent is not allowed to own a weapon, speak with any witnesses to the incident, or go to the Alderwood mall.

Lawyer Mark Lindquist stated, “People in the community have a legitimate concern here.”
Former prosecutor Lindquist is unrelated to the case.

“I would expect bail to be significantly higher than half a million dollars when the charge is murder and the judge finds the defendant is a threat to the community,” Lindquist stated to KOMO.
Woods-Johnson’s family expressed their indignation last week at the suspect’s release from detention after posting bail.

“We are deeply disheartened and appalled to discover that the 16-year-old shooter at the mall, who killed our daughter, is surprisingly already out on bond and back at his cozy house. This is utterly irrational and demonstrates why it still happens far too frequently in our nation. Not enough is being done by our legal system to stop these people from carrying out these senseless acts of violence. Woods-Johnson’s mother, Tabatha Johnson, stated.

When the incident occurred on July 3, Woods-Johnson and a buddy were at the mall. The 16-year-old suspect, according to Lynnwood police, pulled out a revolver and opened fire during a brawl between two groups of teenagers in the mall’s food court. Woods-Johnson, who the authorities claim was just an innocent spectator and had no involvement in the dispute at all, was struck by the bullet.

To commemorate Woods-Johnson’s life, her family and friends came together for a vigil on Sunday.

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