Taste Like Never Before! Iconic Vodka Brand Declares Major Bankruptcy

Taste Like Never Before! Iconic Vodka Brand Declares Major Bankruptcy


A troubled vodka company has now filed for huge Chapter 11 bankruptcy due to judgment debts from NFL teams.

The well-known vodka producer Never Forget Brands, known for brands including GameDay Vodka and Spiked canned vodka cocktails, announced their Chapter 11 bankruptcy on July 10.

Following just two years of operation in 2022, Never Forget Brands’ GameDay vodka was officially endorsed by fourteen National Football League and college basketball clubs.

Taste Like Never Before! Iconic Vodka Brand Declares Major Bankruptcy

The Goat, flavored with fruit punch, Cleat Chaser, with lemon-lime flavor, and Cinderella Story, flavored with strawberry lemonade, were the three GameDay Spiked vodka cocktails that the firm revealed in June 2022.


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With a combined $560,000 in judgment liens, the NFL’s Buffalo Bills and Kraft Sports and Entertainment, an associate of the New England Patriots, owed Never Forget Brands, and the company went bankrupt as a result.

Along with other NFL teams, the debtor owes unsecured claims to Stadium Management Co., an affiliate of the Denver Broncos ($500,000), the Baltimore Ravens ($150,000), the New Orleans Saints ($150,000), and the Indianapolis Colts ($110,000). The debtor had petitioned the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of South Carolina.

The collegiate tailgating, hospitality, and ticket package supplier Revel XP has a judgment lien against Never Forget Brands for $377,678.

In its petition, the financially troubled Isle of Palms, South Carolina, resident detailed a total of $13.8 million in assets and $13.7 million in liabilities.

According to The Street‘s reporting, the debtor’s key unsecured creditors consist of glass bottle maker Pavisa USA, a collegiate sports marketing firm called Learfield Communications, which is owed $2.1 million, and Acceleration Group, a specialty lender for the craft cocktail industry, which is owed more than $1 million.

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