Stay Updated Ohio's Timeline For Legal Recreational Marijuana

Stay Updated: Ohio’s Timeline For Legal Recreational Marijuana


Nearly sixty cannabis-related businesses have been granted dual-use provisional licenses by the Division of Cannabis Control, putting Ohio on the cusp of legalizing recreational marijuana. The selling of recreational marijuana cannot be facilitated immediately by these permits.

In order to sell medicinal and recreational products, businesses need to have a Certificate of Operation, which requires them to fulfill certain criteria like passing inspections and providing staff with the necessary training.

Ohio’s Emerging Cannabis Scene Next Steps?

The upcoming, and maybe unexpected, legalization of recreational marijuana is putting Ohioans on the cusp of a major shift.

Approximately sixty medical marijuana dispensaries, growers, labs, and processors have been granted dual-use provisional permits by Ohio’s Division of Cannabis Control, marking a recent and noteworthy development. The following establishments are included in the state’s internet database: 31 dispensaries, 15 cultivators, 11 processors, and 5 laboratories.

Stay Updated Ohio's Timeline For Legal Recreational Marijuana

But getting recreational marijuana on the market is no picnic. A dual-use provisional license has been granted, which is a big deal, but it doesn’t mean recreational marijuana can be sold just yet.

A Certificate of Operation is required for businesses, according to Jamie Crawford, a representative for the Division of Cannabis Control. Passing inspections and showing that staff can distinguish between recreational and medical sales are two of the many prerequisites.


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No dispensaries have been awarded Certificates of Operation for the sale of recreational cannabis as of yet. “No dispensaries have been issued Certificates of Operation to begin selling non-medical cannabis at this point,” Crawford stressed.

There is an electric buzz in the air as people in Ohio await the launch of recreational marijuana sales. The Division of Cannabis Control’s spokeswoman, Jamie Crawford, clarified that the launch of sales will occur in stages rather than all at once. People in Ohio are even more invested in and enthusiastic about the upcoming change because of this uncertainty.

Issue 2, a ballot measure that received 57% of the vote, legalized marijuana for adults in Ohio last year, marking a major step forward. For the people who were on board with Issue 2, this was a turning point because they had thought the first batch of licenses wouldn’t be issued until August.

Applications for licenses were accepted or rejected beginning earlier this month, with the deadline set for September 7.

Issue 2 gives Ohioans the ability to grow their own cannabis, which is a big deal in the state’s march toward legalizing marijuana. To help people feel more in charge of their cannabis intake, this provision permits them to grow up to six plants per person, with a maximum of twelve plants per household.

Although the House and Senate had different ideas for amending marijuana legalization after Issue 2 passed — which lawmakers can do with a citizens’ initiative — neither proposal could pass in the opposing chamber.

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