SPD Says - Aurora Ave N Shootout Linked to Pimp Rivalry, According to Council Member

SPD Says – Aurora Ave N Shootout Linked to Pimp Rivalry, According to Council Member

Seattle, Washington –

Seattle City Councilmember Cathy Moore stated that she believes the gunfight that was captured on tape on Saturday was the result of a turf battle over sex workers.

According to SPD, there are territorial conflicts going on between pimps. There is a lot of money at risk, which is feeding the gun violence we are seeing, so they are fighting over their land and profiting handsomely off the backs of women who are exploited “said Moore on Tuesday outside the Seattle City Council chambers.

She’s going to the Quarterly Aurora Business Meeting on Tuesday night, where locals are going to voice their worries about the recent shootings, namely the gunfight that was captured on camera on Saturday morning. Around 3:30 in the morning, there was gunfire along Aurora Ave N and N. 101st Street.

A number of individuals and at least one individual appear to be fighting in the video that KOMO News was able to obtain. The group fires back at the individual who opens fire on them at one point in the video. In roughly five seconds, we counted fifteen shots.

SPD Says - Aurora Ave N Shootout Linked to Pimp Rivalry, According to Council Member

According to Seattle police, they gathered thirty shot casings. Despite being shot in the leg, the woman fled the scene and independently arrived to Harborview Medical Center. We anticipate her to be alright.

She responded as follows when questioned about what she could say to reassure the companies and locals in District 5’s north Seattle neighborhood:

“As a community member, I understand your worries, and I’m doing all within my ability to try and make you feel safer. I’m extending my hand to everyone.”

The council member continued, saying she didn’t want to give people false optimism but that she thought a coordinated effort would be necessary. She mentioned having communication with the north precinct.


Police in Seattle: Two Women Were Assaulted With Road Rage And Dragged Out of Their Car

Interim Chief of the Seattle Police Department Sue Rahr is in discussions with SDOT and SPU, collaborating with the Mayor’s Office and the City Attorney’s Office to develop further safety concepts. These discussions may involve the addition of roadway barriers and other environmental safety designs.

The following statement was sent to KOMO News by Mayor Bruce Harrell’s office:

“Our office will keep working to provide assistance for a fully staffed police department, making sure SPD has the tools necessary to meet community demands and carry out prompt, in-depth investigations when situations like these arise.

Following the approval of the new police contract and improvements to the procedures and advertising, we have observed optimistic trends: the number of applications has increased by 2.5 times, from an average of 5.6 per day to over 14.1 per day last year.”

Moore is also drafting legislation to reinstate the city’s loitering law, which she intends to propose shortly.

Rudy Pantoja works with a variety of people in the north Seattle business district and resides there. He mentioned the frequent gunshots in the neighborhood as evidence that he and other locals feel abandoned. Another shootout at the same spot on June 11 was also videotaped, and it depicts a horrifying scene in which an SUV and another car were repeatedly shot at.

Given that some of the shootouts have taken place in the same spot, Pantoja said he assumed it was some sort of turf dispute. He wondered if it had anything to do with the regular scene of pimps and sex workers along Aurora Ave.

“Whoever they (pimps) are, SPD needs to figure it out,” Pantoja said, adding that many are terrified to leave their houses in the wake of the gunfight, which left 21 bullet holes in the wall of one building on 101st street.

“They ought to be able to return home with a sense of security and well-being. They are utterly terrified,” Pantoja remarked.

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