Silent-Crime! Fundraiser Organized by New Orleans Tour Company for Woman Killed in French Quarter

Silent-Crime! Fundraiser Organized by New Orleans Tour Company for Woman Killed in French Quarter


A woman who was killed in the French Quarter on Sunday morning will be honored with a fundraiser.

This Sunday, July 7, from 4 to 8 p.m., at High Grace, 733 St. Peter, New Orleans, Crawl New Orleans will be holding a benefit for Kristie Gioe Thibodeaux.

High Grace NOLA was a place Kristie loved, according to the advertisement Crawl New Orleans, and all proceeds would benefit her family.

The tour company, which is well-known for its lively and informative tours of New Orleans’ historic neighborhoods, has made the decision to use its connections in the community and available resources to support the bereaved family during this trying time. In addition to creating a permanent memorial in the victim’s honor, the campaign seeks to cover urgent necessities such as burial costs.

“This tragic event deeply saddens us,” a spokeswoman for the corporation stated. “The French Quarter is a joyful and historic area, but this terrible act of violence has clouded our dear neighborhood. We believe it is our responsibility to assist the family in getting over their loss.”

Silent-Crime! Fundraiser Organized by New Orleans Tour Company for Woman Killed in French Quarter

This weekend’s fundraiser will feature a number of activities like live music, guided tours, and a silent auction with donated goods from nearby companies. The victim’s family will receive a direct portion of all revenues. For anyone who are unable to come in person but would still like to donate, the tour business has also put up an online donation page.


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The event has already received support from local businesses, musicians, and artists, demonstrating the vibrant feeling of community that exists in New Orleans. The tour organization is certain that in addition to giving money, the fundraising would help locals and visitors alike feel resilient and united.

The representative continued, “Our objective is to unite the community in a demonstration of compassion and solidarity.” “We hope that through this fundraiser, we can help the family find some comfort and support during this incredibly challenging time.”

In the French Quarter, the tragic tragedy has spurred discussions about safety and community support. Many people have called for further steps to be taken to guarantee the protection of visitors as well as inhabitants. The tour operator has stated that it is committed to addressing these issues and assisting in the prevention of similar tragedies in the future by collaborating with local law enforcement and community leaders.

The New Orleans tour company invites everyone to become involved in the fundraising as it gets closer, whether it be by spreading the news, attending the event, or making an online donation. Once again, the city of New Orleans is demonstrating its amazing capacity to unite, lend support to one another, and draw strength from its community in the face of sorrow.

As they “crawl” back down Krisitie’s tour path to the Coyote Ugly Saloon in New Orleans, where all of her tours started, they extend an invitation to the neighbourhood to join them.

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