San Jose Sideshow Turns Violent as Crowd Attacks Police Car Watch the Video

San Jose Sideshow Turns Violent as Crowd Attacks Police Car: Watch the Video

SAN JOSE, California —

In a widely shared viral video, viewers of a circus jumped over and tramped on a San Jose police cruiser.

Following a sideshow, “unruly” crowd members wearing ski masks were observed in West San Jose on Saturday night jumping on and damaging the police cruiser’s windshield, according to the authorities.

The masked crowd members who participated in the devastation were denounced by the San Jose Police Department for their behavior.

Just before 7 p.m., police received several calls regarding sideshows happening all around the city, including one in the western section. A automobile performing tricks at the sideshow hurt one of the spectators.

San Jose Sideshow Turns Violent as Crowd Attacks Police Car Watch the Video

When a reserve officer in the neighborhood was called to assist the injured victim, the masked members of the crowd quickly overran his car.

Acting Chief of Police Paul Joseph said in a statement, “To see one of our officers attacked by an out-of-control mob while in the process of trying to help a seriously injured person is truly deplorable!”


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To help the injured victim, the police was unable to reach them. As at the time of writing, nothing is known regarding the injured person’s condition.

According to police, the officer’s police cruiser was seriously damaged, but he only received minor injuries. Before further police could arrive on the site, the mob dispersed.

“This behavior is intolerable and won’t be allowed in our city.Be assured that we will make every attempt to locate and capture everyone responsible,” stated Joseph.

As of right now, there’s no word on any arrests.

In addition, Joseph stated that he will collaborate with the district attorney to guarantee that individuals detained in connection with the assault be “prosecuted to the fullest extent the law allows.”

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