Run And Hit - Residents Alerted to Coyote Attacks in Indy Park on Northeast Side

Run And Hit – Residents Alerted to Coyote Attacks in Indy Park on Northeast Side


INDIANAPOLIS — Town Run Trail Park is reportedly the scene of coyote assaults, according to Indianapolis bikers.

Town Run Trail Park is a 7.25-mile mountain bike and running loop located on the northeastern edge of the city. Every day, it welcomes ardent trail bikers.

Local mountain biker John Leonard said that reports of coyote assaults on riders began around a month ago.

Leonard stated, “The coyotes are going to have the advantage if they want to get you because of the way the trail is set up.”

The Indiana Department of Natural Resources reports that coyotes are usually spotted at night and in the morning.

Coyotes have been sighted in Town Run Trail Park during the day, which is rather unusual.


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Additionally, it is known that coyotes frequently consume small animals like squirrels and rabbits.

Furthermore, according to DNR, “coyotes are elusive and normally avoid humans.”

Leonard remarked, “It’s a dangerous sport to begin with.” “But usually, you encounter snakes, occasionally spot a bald eagle here, and encounter deer—not coyotes, which are the newcomers this year.”

With the assaults, many individuals are riding more cautiously.

“It seems like there are many individuals here with guns, some with knives, and others like me with an extra pump that I would use as my primary weapon in the event that a coyote attacked,” Leonard remarked.

WIBC 93.1 FM originally published the story “Coyote Attacks Reported Inside Indy Park on Northeast Side.”

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