Ride Malfunction at Historic Amusement Park Leads to Rescue of 28

Ride Malfunction at Historic Amusement Park Leads to Rescue of 28

WFCN – 28 individuals were saved by emergency personnel in Oregon on Friday after they became trapped hanging upside down for around thirty minutes on a ride at a century-old amusement park.

In an announcement on the social media platform X, Portland Fire & Rescue stated that although they had been ready to do a high-angle ropes rescue if needed, firefighters and engineers had manually lowered the attraction at Oaks Park. No injuries had been reported, and all cyclists were being evacuated and given medical evaluations.

As a precaution, Oaks Amusement Park said in a statement shared on social media that one rider with a pre-existing medical condition was sent to a hospital for additional assessment. Everyone else was discharged by the medics.

Rider Daniel Allen described the experience as “just crazy” to CBS News station KION.

“I hurt all over in my bladder. I was containing my gag reflex. I’m dying of my legs,” Allen remarked.

The AtmosFEAR ride has the ability to totally flip passengers over and functions similarly to a pendulum. People were “praying to God, screaming for their lives, throwing up, passing out,” according to Jordan Harding, another rider, who spoke with KION.

Ride Malfunction at Historic Amusement Park Leads to Rescue of 28

Lavina Waters, who witnessed the incident, told KION that “the kids got stuck on the ride and they were just dangling.” “And somebody came in and said ‘Hey, the kids are stuck on the ride’ and I look up, and sure enough, they were stuck on the ride.”

According to a park statement, emergency responders arrived approximately twenty-five minutes after the ride stopped, and park staff promptly contacted 911. Within minutes of the arrival of first responders, park maintenance staff managed to get the attraction back in its unloading position.


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Thirty individuals or so, according to Portland Fire, were aboard. There were 28, according to the amusement park statement. Moreover, KION reported 28 riders.

On Friday, June 14, 2024, in Portland, Oregon, first responders show up in Oaks Park in response to a ride that is stuck with several riders. Amusement Ride Rescue in Oregon via AP
According to the park, the ride has been operating since 2021 and has never seen any problems before. Until further notice, it will be closed. According to Portland Fire and Rescue spokesperson Jon Harrell, workers are accustomed to the attraction, as KION reported.

“I know that our high and go rope rescue team has specifically drilled as recently as last year on this ride and extrication of individuals from this ride,” he continued.

The amusement park declared that it would collaborate with the ride’s maker and state authorities to ascertain the reason behind the stoppage.

“We wish to express our deepest appreciation to the first responders and our staff for taking prompt action, leading to a positive outcome today, and to the rest of the park guests who swiftly followed directions to vacate the park to make way for the emergency responders to attend to the situation,” stated the statement.

In 1905, Oaks Park made its debut. The website states that it provides a “uniquely Portland blend of modern thrills and turn-of-the-century charm on a midway that has delighted generations of Northwesterners.”

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