Ohio Woman Hits Two Police Officers After Fatally Crushing Mother with Car Video

Ohio Woman Hits Two Police Officers After Fatally Crushing Mother with Car: Video

Two years after she struck her lover with a car during their breakup, a 23-year-old Cincinnati resident is charged with murder.

A Miami Township, Ohio, woman named Anna Millette is suspected of pinning her mother, Joyce Millette, against the garage wall with the help of her automobile. Following an emergency room visit, the 64-year-old grandmother passed away from her wounds, according to Law & Crime.

In the moment before Millette sped out of the garage and knocked two of them down, authorities ordered her to get out of the car, as captured on camera. In this footage, Millette, who is younger, is driving and honking her horn. Authorities order her to exit the vehicle after observing that she appeared to be going to run away.

Ohio Woman Hits Two Police Officers After Fatally Crushing Mother with Car Video

Keep still. Stop! Stop! Stop! cops cry, “Get out of the —,” as Millette quickly flees, hitting the cops. After that, Millette took authorities on a fast-paced pursuit that came to an end when she was involved in an interstate collision.


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The police released a statement on Facebook stating that “the driver reversed and struck two officers as officers arrived, trying to break out the vehicle windows to free the woman.”

Millette is accused of felonious assault for hurting the cops, aggravated vehicular assault, and fleeing the scene of an accident, in addition to the count of aggravated murder for her mother’s death.

Officials who were called to the site reported that Millette ran Timothy Escobar over on purpose, resulting in a head injury that bled heavily in May 2022.

Prior to her July 2023 release on probation, Millette entered a guilty plea to the charges and spent more than a year in jail. It didn’t bother Escobar, he claims.

That’s not actually who she was. I took it in stride, though. That’s all that was necessary—I just needed some sutures for my face. I was really well sewn up,” Escobar said to Fox 19.

Also, Millette was suffering from mental health problems, according to Escobar, who added that he and her mother had brought her to a mental health facility in an attempt to get her institutionalized but were unsuccessful.

Over the past two months, something hasn’t been right. If they had been successful, Joyce Millette would still be alive, Escobar continued, adding, “She was seeing stuff and hearing stuff.”

“That was not necessary to occur, in any case,” Escobar declared. “She is not a nasty individual. Mental health is just, you know, a bad thing. She snapped.”

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