New Tragic Toll Missouri Woman Becomes Fifth Victim of Florida Beach Riptides

New Tragic Toll: Missouri Woman Becomes Fifth Victim of Florida Beach Riptides

WFCN The fifth tourist to pass away off the coast of Panama City Beach, Florida, in the last four days was a 60-year-old Missourian.

About 11:30 a.m. on Sunday, family members discovered St. Louis resident Debbie Szymanski unconscious in Gulf waters.

The Bay County Sheriff’s Office claimed in a Facebook post that they were transporting her to the shore when deputies and emergency medical personnel arrived on the scene close to Carillon on the west end of Panama City Beach.

The sheriff’s office stated that Szymanski was transferred to a hospital and later declared deceased. The New York Post stated that she was a victim of a riptide.

The Bay County Sheriff’s Office stated on Facebook that three young men from Alabama who had come to the same spot with friends two days earlier had just checked into their rental and were going for a swim when they became distressed.

New Tragic Toll Missouri Woman Becomes Fifth Victim of Florida Beach Riptides


“The three men were caught in a rip currently shortly after entering the water,” the message read. They are named as Birmingham residents Harold Denzel Hunter, 25, Jemonda Ray, 24, and Marius Richardson, 24. Each of the three was a father.

According to Oklahoma City TV station KOCO, Ryker Milton, 19, of Oklahoma, passed away last Thursday after becoming entangled in a rip current off Panama City Beach.

In a recent Facebook post, the Bay County Sheriff’s Office reminded beachgoers that a single red flag displayed along the beachfront indicates severe currents in the sea.

Red flags on Florida beaches

Every beach in Florida has flags erected to warn people about the current water conditions before they decide to go in. As WTVT


California’s Highway 99 Tops List as State’s Most Fatal Route, Study Finds

A Pennsylvania couple vacationing in Florida with their six kids perished that same day after getting sucked into a rip current while swimming.

To depict a rip current, green dye is employed.

On Hutchinson Island, on Florida’s southeast coast, 51-year-old Brian Warter, 48-year-old Erica Wishard, and two of their primarily adolescent children were swept away by the current, according to a Facebook post from the Martin County Sheriff’s Office.

According to the report, the two kids managed to escape the current and made an attempt to assist their parents, but when things got too risky, they had to swim ashore.

The pair was taken to a nearby hospital by Martin County Ocean Rescue after attempts at life support were made, and the sheriff’s office reports that they were later declared deceased.

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