New Door Opened! Springboro Welcomes New Restaurant to Local Food Scene

New Door Opened! Springboro Welcomes New Restaurant to Local Food Scene

Springboro is now home to a brand-new Mediterranean eatery.

What kind of hummus are you craving? The new Hummus Mediterranean Food restaurant is located at 75 N Main St. in Springboro.

If your response to that question is “yes,” you might want to give it a try. Hummus had its grand launch on June 9th, according to the restaurant’s social media accounts (although it had already opened for business).

Customizable bowls are offered on the menu of the restaurant. Choose from these spicy topping options first: rice, cream peas and carrot, falafel, chicken shawarma, beef and lamb gyro meat, corn, rice, or fajita.

New Door Opened! Springboro Welcomes New Restaurant to Local Food Scene

Next, select a sauce from the following options: Greek dressing, vinaigrette dressing, tahini sauce, garlic sauce, spicy sauce, or tzatziki. Finally, select your cold toppings from the following: coleslaw, turnips, black olives, feta cheese, tomatoes, red onions, red cabbage, lettuce, pickles, banana peppers, and Turkish salad.


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Further options include gyros (which have beef and lamb meat, lettuce, red onions, tomatoes, and tzatziki sauce), falafel sandwiches (which include hummus, tomatoes, red cabbage, pickles, and tahini sauce), and chicken sandwiches (which come with pickles, garlic sauce, and parsley).

The eatery additionally serves fries, hummus, baba ghanoush, and grape leaves. Your hummus can be customized at the restaurant by adding meat, veggies, nuts, cilantro, jalapeños, and/or garlic oil.

The following is a Google review from a local guide regarding the new restaurant:

Tonight, we came upon this undiscovered gem! Really happy that we did! The workers were incredibly kind and sweet. It was really reasonably priced, and the portions were enormous!

A bowl full of rice, chicken, chickpeas, pickled turnips, feta, olives, onions, garlic sauce, and tahini was served to me. The bowls my spouse and I received were identical, and each of us received a falafel! We were given a little dish of hummus without toppings. Tasty It was everything incredibly delicious! Without a doubt, we will return!

Another native guide penned:

Great, locally owned business. Fantastic service and delicious, fresh meal.

Will return in a heartbeat and recommend this place!
75 N Main St, Springboro, OH 45066 is the address if you’d want to check out the new eatery.

Monday through Sunday, 11 AM to 9 PM, is the new restaurant’s hours of operation.

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