LES Crash Kills 3 Suspected Drunk Driver is Substance-Abuse Counselor Who Wrote ‘The Sober Addict’

LES Crash Kills 3: Suspected Drunk Driver is Substance-Abuse Counselor Who Wrote ‘The Sober Addict’


The man who allegedly ran over eleven people and killed three at a Fourth of July party on the Lower East Side is a self-described “addict” who portrayed himself as a supportive counselor for those battling substance misuse and an inspiration to others.

Tragic deaths were caused by Daniel Christopher Hyden’s issues, despite the fact that Hyden, 44, published “The Sober Addict” to help save lives by describing his darkest moments with alcohol.

“One day, this will happen, I assured him. My ex-girlfriend informed him,” Hyden told The Post on Friday. The couple has a daughter together, who is twelve years old.

“This is shocking because he hurt people,” the woman stated, asking to remain anonymous. He was responsible for the deaths of many individuals. That really hurt me.

According to her, they broke up because of alcohol.

Officers from the 7th precinct of the New York Police Department accompany Hyden as he walks. The author is Stephen Yang.

LES Crash Kills 3 Suspected Drunk Driver is Substance-Abuse Counselor Who Wrote ‘The Sober Addict’

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According to sources within the law enforcement agency, Hyden allegedly got into an altercation with a bouncer at a downtown club on Thursday night when he was denied admission due to his intoxication.

According to the sources, the fatal crash in neighboring Corlears Hook Park occurred approximately one hour before the bouncer refunded him for the Fourth of July party ticket and sent him on his way.

“Not surprised” but astonished, the ex-girlfriend of the alleged drunk driver in the July 4th incident in New York City expressed shock: “I warned him that this would happen.”

Just before 9 o’clock in the evening, Hyden allegedly drove a gray Ford F-150 past the junction of Water Street and Jackson Street, over the sidewalk, and into the park, where people were celebrating the holiday. He was charged with aggravated vehicular homicide and additional raps.


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The author of “The Sober Addict” penned the 2020 novel after relocating from New Jersey to The Bronx, as reported by neighbors. A “practical guide on how to effectively live and cope with the dysfunctional, lifelong disease of addiction” is the book’s official description.

“Discover the ins and outs of living with this dysfunctional and chronic illness with the help of this comprehensive guide.”

Hyden, who has a lengthy criminal record that includes charges from Wisconsin and at least three arrests in New York City, calls himself a “ex-professional addict… with over 18 years of use and abuse experience” and asserts that “addicts don’t choose addiction — addiction chooses them” in his book.

He expressed his deep desire to assist his addicted customers in overcoming their addiction by walking them through the different “stages of change” that can save their lives.

Furthermore, Hyden admitted to having “taken many mugshots over the years.”

Anxieties, “fight night bruised,” anger, and depression were among of his emotions he described in the book. “Like many others dealing with my illness, my run-ins with the law and jail have been put down to my misuse and addiction.”


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Hyden continued by saying that his time behind bars was “humbling, demeaning and even enlightening,” and that he felt a “sense of finality” when “those metal doors clanked behind me.”

After reportedly driving his truck into the junction of Water Street and Jackson Street, over the sidewalk, and into people—including children—Daniel Christopher Hyden, 44, has been detained and charged with driving under the influence. The New York Post

“I was worried I wouldn’t survive,” he said in his letter. All addicts face the inevitable fate of incarceration. It’s practically a rite of passage. No one ever helped me get out of jail any more the more times I did it.

According to his Amazon author bio, Hyden is a New York City-based wellness advocate, instructor, substance abuse counselor, and public speaker.

He has dedicated his life to helping others overcome addiction and find lasting sobriety, according to the statement.

Records from Aspen University in Denver, Colorado show that Hyden earned a master’s degree in psychology and addiction therapy. The school did not respond to a request for comment on Friday, but it appears that Hyden spent a number of years studying addiction and recovery.

He was most recently the program director of the Midtown, Manhattan-based nonprofit Services for UnderServed (SUS), but he had worked in a number of roles where he mentored other addicts.

His LinkedIn page states that he began working there only three months ago.

The news of yesterday’s tragedy has left us feeling incredibly devastated. The victims’ loved ones have our deepest sympathies. A representative from SUS stated on Friday that the agency would not be able to speak further due to the continuing nature of the police inquiry.

The truck slammed into that spot. An unidentified man advised The Post that going straight leads directly into that place, and that is precisely what transpired. Sir William Farrington

He has just completed stints as an addiction clinician at Lincoln Hospital (part of NYC Health + Hospitals) and a counselor at Montefiore. On Friday, we were unable to reach Montefiore for comment.

In 2021, he was employed by NY Health for less than six months, according to a representative from the company.

As officers escorted Hyden out of the New York Police Department’s 7th precinct on Pitt Street on Friday afternoon, he kept his head down and chose to avoid reporters’ inquiries on the fatal crash. He was held in Manhattan Criminal Court for arraignment on eight counts of second-degree assault, driving while intoxicated, and driving without a legal license.

At least two bodies were found at the scene of the accident, and a third victim later died from their injuries while hospitalized.

At the intersection right before the incident, terrifying video footage showed the vehicle barreling down the street without signs of slowing down.

The footage shows that the automobile careened off the curb and struck a fence, but the barrier was unable to stop it. As it hurtled toward the family, sparks flew into the air.

The Post was informed by Jakob Velazquez’s relatives that he was “traumatized” by the death of his father figure; Herman’s longterm girlfriend Jessica Pellot and her 11-year-old kid were among the other eight injured.

The accident claimed the life of Herman Pinkney, 38. According to the authorities, Hyden was taken to Bellevue Hospital after suffering head and face lacerations. This information is provided by a family friend.

An irate Pinkney relative yelled, “You don’t deserve air!” as he was escorted out of the Lower East Side station. My niece and sister-in-law. Keep their names in mind.

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