Irvington Residents React to Accident Involving Child at Bus Stop 'It's Very Dangerous'

Irvington Residents React to Accident Involving Child at Bus Stop: ‘It’s Very Dangerous’


Following a child’s early Wednesday automobile collision, East Washington Street is once more the subject of worry.

Just before 7:30 a.m. on Wednesday, at the intersection of East Washington Street and North Kitley Avenue, an automobile struck a girl, who is now in severe but stable condition, according to Indianapolis Metropolitan Police.

Investigators surmise that the youngster was struck while attempting to cross the street in order to get to a bus stop.

A bus was halted close to the intersection’s red light, an officer on the scene informed news networks. When the driver noticed the girl approaching, he or she engaged the stop arm. At the same moment, the girl was hit by an eastbound car as the traffic signal changed to green.

Irvington Residents React to Accident Involving Child at Bus Stop 'It's Very Dangerous'

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The girl’s mother requested prayers “to protect (her daughter’s) mind, body, and spirit for this journey” in a social media post. Although we are still figuring out the full extent of the harm, she has been aware.”

The youngster and the car’s driver have not been officially named by the police.


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The Irvington neighborhood’s junctions along East Washington have long been problematic, according to a number of local businesses and residents. The Skyline Motel, located directly on the crossroads, is owned by Jimmie Freeman, who claims to have been close to being hit many times.

It’s quite risky. even when it is your right to proceed,” Freeman said. “People don’t heed school buses’ stop arm commands. They will go on, avoiding the busses along the way. They move so quickly, in my opinion, that the bus drivers might not be able to see their license plate. Who knows whether they’ll even be reported, then.

One of the busiest thoroughfares in Indianapolis for both pedestrians and cars is Washington Street. Marion County saw 334 pedestrian versus car collisions last year, according to the city’s Fatal Crash Review Team.

After analyzing statistics for Indianapolis, Vision 0, a global campaign to achieve zero traffic-related deaths or serious injuries, determined that East Washington had a high-risk traffic safety score.

“Why isn’t anybody doing anything about this?” Freeman inquired.

A multi-vehicle crash in 2021 claimed the life of a 7-year-old child, wounded her mother, and struck a crossing guard one mile west.

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Freeman expressed his preference for harsher punishments for violators of traffic regulations at intersections.

For the past 50 years, Eric Hudnall has resided only a few doors up the street from the scene of Wednesday’s collision. Throughout the ordinary school year and into the summer, he witnesses scores of kids strolling about his neighborhood.

There are no walkways. Therefore, while they’re strolling up and down the street, they’re kind of out in it anyhow. This roadway is constantly bustling with traffic. I assumed it would just be a matter of time, but today it really occurred,” Hudnall said.

What actions are possible? Meridian and Washington Streets are dilapidated. Is a state takeover beneficial, though?

The city of Indianapolis’ infrastructure development projects are overseen by the Department of Public Works, which includes sidewalks and trails along East Washington Street until a few blocks before North Kitley Avenue in 2024.

As IndyGo increases its services with the integration of the Blue Line, the department informed IndyStar that improvements will be made to Washington Street’s pedestrian infrastructure.

The motorist who struck the toddler on Wednesday stayed on the scene and is assisting with the inquiry. After being taken for a routine blood draw, they were discharged.

Investigators from the police are still working.

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