High Job Cutting! Extensive Layoffs Confirmed by Massive US Company Over Next Two Years

High Job Cutting! Extensive Layoffs Confirmed by Massive US Company Over Next Two Years


According to insiders, a sizable US corporation has recently confirmed layoffs spread over a two-year period, with approximately 200 positions lost.

A business representative for BD informed MedTech Dive via email that the company intends to close down operations at a plant in Ireland for the next two and a half years.

BD, or Becton, Dickinson and firm, is a multinational medical technology firm based in the United States that produces and distributes reagents, instrument systems, and medical devices.

In some regions, BD further offers analytics and consultancy services.

About 170 jobs could be lost as a result of the facility’s phased closure in Drogheda, which produces goods for critical care, interventional radiology, and cancer.


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According to a BD representative, the move is the result of a recent evaluation and an effort to guarantee that all operations are effective and that resources “are allocated in the most effective manner possible.”

The spokesman went on to say that BD’s other Irish sites will not be affected.

In 1964, BD decided to locate its first production facility in Ireland at Drogheda.

By investing an additional $70 million to increase BD Posiflush output at the location in 2021, the firm created 100 jobs and increased its investment in the facility to over $150 million over a five-year period.

BD indicated at the time that the facility would keep expanding in 2022 and 2023.

But in 2023, the business took a different turn.

As part of its focus on “right-sizing manufacturing operations to realign current inventory and future demand,” BD announced to the local media a year ago that it would remove 60 jobs over the following 15 months.

BD explained the layoffs by pointing to the pandemic’s effect on device demand and its choice to split up its diabetes care division.

BD has now announced its intentions to shut down the plant.

The Irish network RTE reports that the first round of layoffs, which will begin in March 2025, will impact roughly 110 staff.

According to reports, BD will complete the remaining layoffs by September 2026.

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