Heartbroken Story! Family of 8-Year-Old Girl Who Died on SkyWest Flight Shares Their Story

Heartbroken Story! Family of 8-Year-Old Girl Who Died on SkyWest Flight Shares Their Story

The grieving family of an eight-year-old girl who passed away on a commercial flight due to an unidentified medical emergency has made their first public statement since the youngster’s death.

On Thursday, Sydney Weston became ill while flying with her family from Joplin, Missouri to Chicago via SkyWest Flight 5121. She went suddenly silent, and the plane was routed to Peoria, Illinois.

She was tragically pronounced dead upon arriving at a local hospital, despite the best efforts of emergency personnel to save her life, according to a statement from the Peoria County Coroner’s Office. The coroner’s office reports that at 8:05 a.m., Sydney was declared deceased at OSF Healthcare Saint Francis Medical Center in Peoria.

As they deal with the loss of their “precious daughter,” her family has now released a statement of their own and requested privacy. “The terrible loss of our beloved daughter has broken our hearts. We ask for discretion and consideration while we process this intense loss,” they stated to DailyMail.com.

Heartbroken Story! Family of 8-Year-Old Girl Who Died on SkyWest Flight Shares Their Story

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While requesting that the media not message them, they stated that “your understanding and support” meant the world to them “during this painful time”. Sydney was also the subject of a heartfelt obituary released by the family, which stated that “she was very much looking forward to her family summer vacation and celebrating her 9th birthday the following week with her big plans for a skating party.”


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It went on, saying, “Sydney Mae was born on June 21, 2015, and she came into the world prepared to brighten it with her contagious happiness and vivacious enthusiasm for life. The joy she bestowed upon each and every individual she came into contact with will live on in her memory forever. We feel sad in our hearts. We honor her lovely existence since she was our newborn daughter.”

Previously, she was characterized as a “girly girl who loved all things pink and pretty and a tomboy all in one” in addition to being a lover of Taylor Swift. Her family also commended her “unmatched joy for learning,” saying that she would give hugs to all of her teachers and that she had a particular morning ritual with her dad before school.


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“Her friends were so important to her, and she was a good friend to everyone,” the obituary continued. “Sydney was a ray of sunshine, and summer was her season,” the statement continued. “She also loved her precious puppy, Birdie.” Sydney’s burial is scheduled on Tuesday at 10 a.m.; attendees are asked to wear vibrant colors, with pink being the little girl’s preferred hue.

The results of Sydney’s first autopsy were unclear as to what caused her death. To ascertain the cause of death, multiple studies are still waiting, according to the Peoria County coroner’s office statement on Friday. Officials excluded any malfeasance, neglect, or cruelty, nevertheless. The coroner declared: “Toxicology testing, blood hematology and chemistry, cultures, histology, and biopsies are all pending.

Results from these tests often arrive in four to six weeks. After those tests are finished, we expect to be able to give this little girl’s family some closure by determining the precise reason of her death.”

“We appreciate the efforts of our crewmembers who responded quickly to assist and the medical personnel who met the aircraft,” a representative for SkyWest stated. On Thursday, about 1pm, Flight 5121 departed once more for Chicago. The eight-year-old girl was taken in by Deputies, AMTs, and Air National Guard firefighters as soon as the plane touched down, and life-saving procedures were initiated, according to the Peoria County Sheriff’s Office.

“Unfortunately, the infant was declared dead at the local hospital after being taken there by AMT. Kindly keep the child’s family and all those associated with this horrific event in your prayers and thoughts.”

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