Georgetown's Call Your Mother Bagel Shop Fights to Stay in Business - What Big Achievement Is!

Georgetown’s Call Your Mother Bagel Shop Fights to Stay in Business – What Big Achievement Is!

Washington, (WFCN) – A well-known bagel restaurant in Georgetown, Washington, D.C., is struggling to remain open in the face of opposition from some of its neighbors.

Situated amidst a plethora of rowhouses and residences in Georgetown, the Call Your Mother deli boasts a vibrant pink and turquoise façade.

During a lengthy city zoning meeting on Wednesday, the argument over whether the store should close or remain open reached a boiling point.

Although some advisory neighborhood commissioners (ANCs) have voted against it, Call Your Mother currently enjoys a unique exception that permits it to function as a corner business selling prepared cuisine. It means that the deli might have to close if that exception is removed.

Throughout the building’s 175-year history, 3428 O St NW’s first floor and basement have only ever been utilized for commercial purposes. Upstairs is an apartment building.

Long lineups and congestion along 35th St NW and individuals grabbing takeout and sitting on adjacent stoops to munch on their bagels are the main grievances raised by neighbors and ANCs.

Go here to read the letter that the ANCs in the neighborhood wrote.

Georgetown's Call Your Mother Bagel Shop Fights to Stay in Business - What Big Achievement Is!

Image: WJLA

Owner Andrew Dana of the company claims that in an effort to allay these worries, hiring has been done for roles dedicated to assist in crowd control and shooing people away from nearby residences during peak hours.

It hasn’t been enough, according to neighbor and ANC Paul Maysak.


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“During the zoning meeting on Wednesday, Maysak stated that although the applicant has promised plans to address these crowds and their negative impact, these attempts have not succeeded and will not succeed without a fundamental shift in shop operations.”

Many of the wealthier individuals are strongly opposed to the concept of merely existing in a setting with any kind of trade or youthful activities. Brady Condon, who lives directly across the street, believes that eliminating Call Your Mother would mean eliminating a significant portion of Georgetown culture.

As of 5 p.m. on Wednesday, the zoning board meeting was still in session, raising questions about the shop’s future.

Before the meeting on Wednesday, Call Your Mother representatives told DC News Now that the company was feeling optimistic.

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