Florida's New State Line Signs Declare 'Welcome to the Free State of Florida'

Florida’s New State Line Signs Declare: ‘Welcome to the Free State of Florida’

TAMPA, Florida (WFCN) – There will be new signs for drivers who cross state lines into Florida.

The new signage, which now says “WELCOME TO THE FREE STATE OF FLORIDA,” was revealed by FDOT Secretary Jared Perdue over the weekend.

Perdue wrote on X, the website that was once known as Twitter, that there is “no better way to celebrate Independence Day Weekend.”

In January 2023, during Governor Ron DeSantis’ second inauguration speech, the term “free state of Florida” was first used. The governor of Florida has made reference to it on a regular basis, citing it several times during his press conferences and bill signings.


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Along with the new signs on X, Lt. Gov. Jeanette Nunez also posted a picture of herself writing “this” with a bullseye emoji.

That contacted the Department of Transportation to inquire about the number of signs that were changed and the total expense of the replacements, but has not heard back as of yet.

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