Florida's Bed Bug Crisis Three Cities Among Nation's Worst

Florida’s Bed Bug Crisis: Three Cities Among Nation’s Worst

Sadly, Florida — which is well-known for its pleasant weather and sunny beaches—has also acquired the notoriety of having some of the worst bed bug infestations in the country.

Three cities in Florida made it to the list of the top 50 metro areas infested with bed bugs, according to a recent Orkin research. Let’s examine the specifics and consider the ramifications of this undesirable ranking.

The List of Cities Affected by Bed Bugs

The treatment data used in Orkin’s research comes from metro areas where the company treated the greatest number of bed bug cases between December 1, 2022, and November 30, 2023. Both residential and commercial treatments are ranked. The following Florida cities made the list of the top 50:

Tampa (Ranked 31):

Tampa’s ranking increased by 10 from the previous year’s assessment, suggesting a worrying rise in bed bug activity.

Miami (Ranked 45):

Although Miami fell six spots from its 2022 ranking, it is still a breeding ground for these tenacious bugs.

Orlando (Ranked 46):

Orlando moved up one position from the previous year, confirming the area’s high bed bug prevalence.

What Indicates the Presence of Bed Bugs in the Home?

The following indicate that there is a bed insect infestation:

Florida's Bed Bug Crisis Three Cities Among Nation's Worst


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1. Bites from bed bugs —

Red, flat welts that can form in small clusters, straight rows, or zigzag patterns after bed bugs have fed on human blood. The bites are painful, and if you scratch them, you risk bleeding and developing a secondary illness.

2. Blood stains:

When a host is around, bed bugs will feed on blood for five to seven days, leaving behind tiny, rust-colored stains on clothes and bedding.

3. Fecal marks:

These are dark brown or black, digested blood spots that resemble raised lumps on solid surfaces and felt-tipped marker stains on fabrics.

4. Molted skins:

Molted skins, also known as bed bug shells, are the empty exoskeletons that bed bugs lose as they develop from five nymphal stages to maturity.

5. Bed bug eggs:

These are tiny, pinhead-sized, pearly white eggs that are frequently discovered in groups.

6. Live bed bugs:

Translucent nymphs or smaller, reddish-brown, wingless adults the size of an apple seed.

During the day, bed bugs usually hide in baseboards, rugs, furniture, mattresses, and bedroom clutter. Any of these indicators—particularly the presence of live bed bugs or their eggs—indicate that there is an infestation that needs to be professionally treated.

How to Prevent Bed Bugs?

The following are some practical strategies to stop bed bug infestations:

Examine Used Items:

Before bringing used sofas, mattresses, or furniture into your house, carefully check them for any indications of bed insect infection.

Employ Protective Mattress Covers:

To get rid of hiding places, cover box springs and mattresses with a protective cover. Bed bugs are more visible because of their light hue.

– To prevent bed bugs, think about utilizing a mattress cover that has already undergone pesticide treatment.

Reduce Clutter:

To cut down on bed bug hiding areas, reduce the amount of clutter in your house.

Vacuum Often:

To get rid of any bed bugs that might have made their way into your house, vacuum frequently.

Be Alert While Traveling:

Do not place your bags on the bed when you are not at home. Store it in the restroom or make use of a luggage rack.

Check your hotel room for indications of bed bugs, such as in the furniture, bedding, and mattress seams.

– Wash and dry all of your clothing on high heat when you get home.

Isolate Your Unit:

To prevent bed bugs from entering your apartment in a multi-family house, place door sweeps on the bottom of the doors.

To stop bed bugs from entering through wall voids, seal cracks and gaps surrounding baseboards, light sockets, and other access points.

Apply Heat Treatment:

To cure potential bed insect infestations, think about getting a portable heating chamber.

You can drastically lower the likelihood of getting bed bugs into your house and save yourself the trouble and expense of an infestation by putting these preventative techniques into practice. But if you think you may have a bed insect problem, you should move fast and, if necessary, get professional assistance.


The bed bug issue in Florida should serve as a warning to both locals and visitors. To manage these tenacious pests, vigilance, early diagnosis, and professional treatment are crucial.

Let’s hope that initiatives to get rid of bed bugs keep getting better so that everyone in the Sunshine State can sleep soundly.

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