Exclusive Free Heinz Introduces New Condiment at Walmart

Exclusive Free: Heinz Introduces New Condiment at Walmart

Not just with its ketchup, Heinz has been very busy recently. We’re not at all upset about this firm because they keep releasing new condiments for us to test.

Three new gravy flavors—Roasted Garlic & Rosemary, Caramelized Onion & Thyme, and Herbs De Provence—that fulfill our desires for poutine were introduced in March.

Two new sauces from Heinz have recently been introduced to the roster; they are available for a limited period of time at specific stores exclusively. This season, we believe they’ll be the ideal complement to any traditional sandwich.

In its lineup, Heinz has included two new limited-edition sauces.

Exclusive Free Heinz Introduces New Condiment at Walmart

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Two brand-new sauces from Heinz were just added to their impressive collection and are temporarily accessible across the country. Fried Garlic with Harissa Aioli.


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Walmart is the only store that sells Black Garlic Ranch, a blend of creamy ranch and savory black garlic tastes. You will have to go to Target in order to obtain the Harissa Aioli. The perfect amount of heat is provided by the addition of mayo to this combination of smokey roasted red pepper.

Because customers so adored these sauces during their trial run in a few restaurants last year (which was the first time a Heinz restaurant tested a product before distributing it to stores), Heinz is now introducing them to neighborhood shops throughout the country so that everyone can experience them.

This debut is incredibly exciting, and we can’t wait to taste these new sauces on fries, burgers, and all the sandwiches in between.

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