Devastating! A Surprising Store Closure in Georgia Due to Crime Issue

Devastating! A Surprising Store Closure in Georgia Due to Crime Issue


A startling retailer in Georgia is currently closing because of local criminality and uncontrollably high rates of stealing.

Customers are saddened as a result of the superstore being forced to close due to extreme shoplifting at this particular Walmart.

A customer named Elizabeth Roman expressed her sadness to ABC affiliate WBS-TV 2.

Situated in Dunwoody, Georgia, just 16 miles outside of Atlanta, the Walmart has been the target of numerous stealing instances and other criminal activities.

According to police data, Dunwoody Police handled more than 600 calls at the mall between 2023 in 2023.

Along with complaints about other crimes, shoplifting accounted for the majority of those calls.

One customer told WBS-TV 2, “They steal here; they come from other areas.”

Devastating! A Surprising Store Closure in Georgia Due to Crime Issue

Sergeant Michael Cheek claimed that the thieves are also not subtle about their crimes.

According to Cheek Media, “we had a group of people who would just walk in, grab large flat screens, and walk out.”


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Walmart is having a 50% off storewide deal to commemorate the store’s demise, according to The-Sun.

While the deal gives devoted customers the opportunity to purchase goods at a significantly lower cost, it doesn’t offset the long-term loss that consumers would incur.

The local shop was located here. I’m just angry,” a Walmart customer exclaimed.

There are other Walmarts closing as a result of crime, including the one in Dunwoody.

Theft caused Walmart to close 24 locations in 2023.

The firm stated, “These stores lose tens of millions of dollars a year, and their annual losses nearly doubled in just the last five years,” in a news release issued following the closure of numerous Walmarts in the Chicago area.

The city of Chicago has received hundreds of millions of dollars from our investments.

It was anticipated that these expenditures would enhance the operation of our stores.

Unfortunately, the underlying business issues that our retailers are facing have not been much eased by these efforts.

Millions of dollars are lost to retailers as a result of retail theft, pushing many of them to close.

Retail theft cost retailers an estimated $121.6 billion in 2023, according to a Capital One shoplifting report.

By 2026, that startling figure is predicted to rise to more than $150 billion.

Retail fraud cost Georgia alone $2.356 billion in 2022.

“There is a problem with theft. “It is higher than it has historically been,” Doug McMillion, CEO of Walmart, stated in 2022.

“Prices will rise and/or stores will close if that isn’t fixed over time.”

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