Crazylegz on a Mission to Elevate Washington DC’s Iconic Beat Ya Feet Dance Style

Crazylegz on a Mission to Elevate Washington DC’s Iconic Beat Ya Feet Dance Style


Although the center of American politics is located here, Washington, D.C. is much more. Go-go music is embedded in D.C. culture, and go-go music is inconceivable without Beat Ya Feet. This dancing form is seeing a comeback, owing to a native of Washington, D.C.

In addition to the DMV, John Pearson III, better known by his stage name Crazylegz, is on a global mission to instruct, inspire, and encourage people.

Beat Ya Feet revolves around a bounce beat, quick footwork, and go-go music. Like go-go music, which is the official sound of the city, Beat Ya Feet is a classic dance in Washington, D.C.

A younger generation was influenced by Marvin “Slush” Taylor’s Beat Ya Feet dance style, which originated in Anacostia in the late 1990s.

Crazylegz on a Mission to Elevate Washington DC’s Iconic Beat Ya Feet Dance Style

Dance Academy In Washington D.C./ Photo: wusa9

Culture was the only factor. Simply put, it was ingrained in D.C. society. Hence, you felt excluded if you didn’t dance because everyone else was dancing, including the children, Crazylegz stated.

The ability and enthusiasm for Beat Ya Feet were cultivated by Crazylegz, who went on to become a trailblazer in taking this dance form from the streets of the nation’s capital to a global audience.


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“Our global training program is receiving a lot of demand. In six separate nations, I have ambassadors. We now have a license to do the dance, and they have received individual training. “A curriculum designed to beat your feet,” Crazylegz said.

Over the years, the dance has changed, but its spirit has remained constant.

The Washington Commanders were impacted by the rising popularity of this dancing form.

I invited about ten or fifteen dancers to join the dancing team. Since then, Beat Ya Feet has been a fantastic addition to the entertainment dance squad, reflecting the Commanders and the culture,” stated Crazylegz. That was when Beat Ya Feet was first launched.

He shares a mural with “Sugar Bear,” a music pioneer and original member of the venerable D.C. go-go band E.U., demonstrating how the city he loves is honoring his commitment and support for his hometown.

For the support, Crazylegz expressed gratitude beyond words. He claims it’s still crucial to deal with our young people. His passion is passing on his knowledge and skills to the upcoming Beat Ya Feet dancers.

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