Cal City Budget Crisis 19 Employees Face Layoffs In California, Know The Most Important NOW

Cal City Budget Crisis: 19 Employees Face Layoffs In California, Know The Most Important NOW


To save $1.3 million, California City has announced that 19 employees would be let go. A special meeting has been scheduled for Wednesday night to discuss this matter.

Just after 9 o’clock in the evening, the city council decided to lay off 19 workers. With Jim Creighton on the opposing side, the motion was approved by a vote of 4 to 1.

The special meeting of California City, scheduled for 8 p.m., can be accessed through the city’s website.
According to Harvey Brown, a city employee and union president, layoff notifications were given out on Wednesday, and the employees are expected to work their final day on July 31.
In order to raise money for the Cal City fire and police services, a special tax will be put to a vote on July 30.

Transcript for Broadcast:

More severe layoffs are coming to the town of California City… with the planned termination of 19 staff.

Your friendly neighborhood reporter here in California City, my name is Steve Virgen.

On Wednesday night, a special meeting will be called to announce the layoffs.

Cal City Budget Crisis 19 Employees Face Layoffs In California, Know The Most Important NOW

The change is supposed to save $1.3 million, but instead it has left the desert town feeling bewildered, despised, and with low morale.


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Someone who was working as a crime analyst on the cold case I mentioned on Tuesday is one among the people whose jobs are being cut.

For the sake of public safety, it is imperative that the nine police officers be deployed. And at the moment, they are really low. Personally, I think it’s risky.

Larry Brandenburg informed me that the California City Police Department will continue to have challenges in his absence, particularly with the seven cold cases that have been under his supervision for the last five years.

He is now one of nineteen city workers set to lose their jobs, as detailed in the agenda for a special meeting.

After leaving the Los Angeles County Sheriffs, he moved to California City. Regarding the layoffs, he expresses disappointment.

“It is clear that the layoffs have angered employees,” said Cal City Mayor Kelly Kulikoff in response. But improving government efficiency and striking a budget balance must take precedence.

Harvey Brown, a city employee and head of the union, informed me that the notices of layoff were sent out on Wednesday.

He announces that July 31st is the last day of employment for the staff.

For the purpose of allocating funds to the fire and police departments, a special tax is set to be put to the vote on July 30th.

To be able to hold on to their current staff and develop their future leaders, they require mentors. Brandenburg expresses concern about the potential consequences in the absence of that.

According to Kulikoff, financial restrictions prevent them from replacing Brandenburg.

“The removal of 19 positions may only be the beginning….,” Kulikoff stated. We may have to think about laying off at least 12 more people by the month’s end, and maybe as many as 32 if Measure B fails to pass on July 30th.

Jesse Hightower, the chief of police in Cal City, was let go in April.

According to Brandenburg, the department has not been the same.

Team spirit has plummeted. Because everyone here respected Chief Hightower, it disheartened the cops, staff, and support staff, according to Brandenburg.

All of Kelly Kulikoff’s statement:

In California City, we are now in the middle of a period of cost-cutting that focuses on improving processes and determining budget priorities. It is possible that the removal of 19 positions is just the start. More than $1.3 million in savings are anticipated as a result of this change. By the end of this month, we may need to consider cutting at least 12 additional positions, and potentially up to 32 if Measure B does not pass on July 30th.

Understandably, the cutbacks have caused upset among staff. However, we must prioritize balancing our budget and enhancing government efficiency. Our ultimate goal is to become a fully functional and efficiently run city, operating with a team of 69 highly qualified and productive employees.”

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