Big Firing Happened! South Columbus Hotel Scene of Overnight Shooting, One Person Wounded

Big Firing Happened! South Columbus Hotel Scene of Overnight Shooting, One Person Wounded

Columbus, Ohio —

Local authorities report that one person has been hurt in a gunshot incident that occurred at a motel in south Columbus.

There had been gunshots, so around 2:30 AM, police were sent to the hotel. When police arrived, they discovered a man in the hotel parking lot with a gunshot wound. After being alerted to the situation, emergency medical personnel took the sufferer to a nearby hospital. As of right now, his condition is described as stable.

A disturbance was heard by hotel guests after multiple gunshots. “The sound of gunfire woke me up,” a guest who preferred to stay nameless claimed. “I looked out the window and saw a man lying on the ground with people around him trying to help.”

Big Firing Happened! South Columbus Hotel Scene of Overnight Shooting, One Person Wounded

The incident is the subject of an investigation by the Columbus Police Department. It was observed that detectives were scouting the area, gathering information, and interacting with possible witnesses. The shooting’s motivation is still unknown, and no suspects have been named as of yet.

“We are asking anyone who knows anything about this incident to come forward,” Columbus Police Department Sergeant John Smith stated. “Any detail, no matter how small, could be crucial in helping us solve this case.”


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Both locals and frequent tourists have expressed alarm over the shooting. Many voiced concerns regarding safety, particularly in light of the hotel’s close proximity to commercial and residential areas.

“It’s unsettling to consider that this occurred so near to home,” Maria Gonzalez, a local, said. “I hope the police can find out who did this and why.”

“We are quite disturbed by what happened last night. We are praying for the victim and their family. To protect the safety of our visitors and employees, we have stepped up security and are fully collaborating with the authorities.”

Police are requesting that anybody who was in the vicinity during the shooting or who may have information about the incident call the Columbus Police Department’s tip line at [phone number] while the investigation is ongoing.

The recurring problems with safety and crime in the neighborhood are brought to light by this shooting at a motel in south Columbus.

Authorities and the community are collaborating to make sure that these kinds of events are fully looked into and that precautions are taken to avoid them in the future. We’ll keep you informed when further details become available.

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