Biden Campaign Selects Right-Side Podium for CNN Debate, Allowing Trump the Final Word

Biden Campaign Selects Right-Side Podium for CNN Debate, Allowing Trump the Final Word

In order to get a podium spot on the right side of the stage for the CNN debate the next week, President Joe Biden had to win the coin toss, but in doing so, he offered Donald Trump the opportunity to make the last remarks of the 90-minute discussion.

The side selected by the Biden campaign, tails, is what happened, according to CNN. The group then decided which order to present the closing arguments and where to put the platform. They decided to have Biden speak first, but on the right side of the TV and other screens.

Trump will get the final say by making his concluding remarks following Biden, from his podium on the left.

The ninety-minute CNN debate is scheduled to begin at nine o’clock ET on June 27 in Atlanta. This is the first of two debates between Biden and Trump; ABC News will host the second one on September 10.

Pre-coverage for the CNN debate starts at 7 p.m. ET on ABCNL and 8 p.m. ET on the network, which is simulcast on ABC and ABC News Live.

Additional guidelines, which included muting the candidates’ microphones until it was their turn to speak and permitting only pens, paper, and water bottles in place of props, were revealed by CNN earlier this week.

There won’t be any studio audience, two commercial breaks, or introductory remarks.


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Moderators Jake Tapper and Dana Bash will ask questions, and then Biden and Trump will have two minutes each to react and refute. Candidates will be informed by a blinking red light that they have five seconds left in their allocated time. The light will become solid red when their allotted time is up.

Both sides are getting ready for the debate, which is in exactly one week.

President Biden is scheduled to meet at Camp David with longstanding advisors and aides, including former chief of staff Ron Klain.

Trump is discussing policy matters like immigration, the economy, and democracy with advisors and legislative allies. In addition, he would attend fundraisers the following week and campaign in Philadelphia over the weekend.

CNN said that following the qualification window’s closing at midnight, Biden and Trump will be the only contenders on stage.

As an independent, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. was unable to comply with the network’s polling and vote access criteria. He referred to his removal from the platform as “cowardly, un-American, and undemocratic.”

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