Arizona Man Receives 7-Year Sentence for False SWAT Calls Using Stolen Identities

Arizona Man Receives 7-Year Sentence for False SWAT Calls Using Stolen Identities

Phoenix —

Authorities said on Monday that an Arizona man had been sentenced to seven years in jail for requesting SWAT teams to visit out-of-state high schools.

James Thomas According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Arizona, Andrew McCarty, 21, entered a guilty plea to placing two fictitious calls in February requesting that police be called to the high schools.

According to a news release from the office, “McCarty made all of his calls while residing in Kayenta.”

Navajo County contains the town of Kayenta.

In addition, authorities claimed that he entered a guilty plea to two charges of aggravated identity theft for using the names of actual students to pose as a school shooter.

Last week, McCarty received a sentence.

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The fictitious calls requesting SWAT forces to attend high schools were made by the suspect when?
According to the prosecution, McCarty committed his offenses in the first few months of 2021.

He phoned an Indiana high school in January 2015 and identified himself as a student there. Prosecutors added that he declared he was prepared to launch an assault on the school with an AR-15 rifle, a Glock handgun, and propane bottles.


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According to the news release, he stole his victim’s name and placed a “series” of calls to this school.

After twenty minutes, McCarty set his sights on a high school in Oklahoma.

Prosecutors stated that McCarty used a stolen student identity once more, calling the school to declare he was ready to discharge his AR-15 rifle, Glock handgun, and propane tanks.

According to authorities, the impostor who carried out the school shooting committed two further hoaxes in April and May of 2021. McCarthy entered a guilty plea to these charges. Those were the occasions he went after a homeowner instead of a kid in high school.

According to the press release, “he used the same homeowner’s name in both calls, telling police that he had killed his wife, would kill everyone, blew up the house, and had four bombs planted outside of a retail location.”

He had already assumed the persona of a murdering spouse. Prosecutors claimed that in February 2020, he committed an identical crime.

McCarty faked a hostage situation, broke into a Florida woman’s Ring doorbell, and called the local police, according to the prosecution.

He claimed to be the victim’s spouse, having just taken her life. Prosecutors alleged that he claimed to be holding a captive and to have set off explosives at the house.

According to the statement, “McCarty then livestreamed the law enforcement response and posted a message that he thought it was funny.”

In February of this year, he entered a guilty plea to the same act.

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