Amazing Offer! Costco Sells Top-Tier Single Malt Whiskey for Only $42

Amazing Offer! Costco Sells Top-Tier Single Malt Whiskey for Only $42


Whiskey enthusiasts are in shock at the sight of certain Costco outlets offering a premium double-barrel whiskey for an unbelievable $42.

Multiple pallets of Balvenie DoubleWood 12 single malt whiskey, which is on sale for $41.99 per bottle, were displayed in a photo that a Huntington Beach Costco customer uploaded to the r/Costco_alcohol subReddit on Sunday. Balvenie bottles range in price from $57.99 to $102.99, depending on where you reside, so Costco’s deal is very amazing.

The 15-year-old Scotch whiskey Balvenie is aged in sherry barrels. Because it is wood-finished, the spirit is constantly being enhanced by the movement of the liquid from one barrel to another.

Originally matured in whiskey wood, the booze gains a base of smoothness and vanilla flavor. Then it’s transferred to an oak cask aged in sherry, where it develops flavors of fruit and honey. At last, the Scotch is united in oaken containers for marriage.

Ranked among the top single malt Scotches to try in 2023 by Tasting Table.

Amazing Offer! Costco Sells Top-Tier Single Malt Whiskey for Only $42

Many Reddit users from Southern California commented, verifying that Balvenie was also offered at their neighborhood store.

A commenter mentioned that Costco, which is located in a suburb close to Huntington Beach, offered a similar discount on the Balvenie.

In response to a “special Father’s Day promo,” “most Costcos in SoCal received a pallet,” said one commenter. I don’t know if Costco stores outside of Southern California carry the Balvenie at this time.

Huntington Beach, California 16th of June, by u/WillCRNA in Costco_alcohol

Reddit users have seen Balvenie being sold at Costco’s absurdly low prices before, though.

A member from Reddit shared a flurry of whisky discounts they had found at their local Costco on the r/whiskey subreddit five years before.

Even while it was priced somewhat higher than it is in 2024, one of the bargains was for the exact same Balvenie DoubleWood 12 single malt.

Costco originally offered the Balvenie DoubleWood 12 for $49.99, which is $8 more expensive than it does now.

u/WhskyTngoFxtrt_in_WI found recommendations by Costco for whiskey

Costco has a reputation for providing excellent discounts on alcoholic beverages, naturally. The single-barrel Blanton’s bourbon was seen for $46.99 only last week. Blanton’s typically sells for about $150 at retail.

Considering how costly everything seems to be becoming, Costco is dedicated to providing its customers with premium spirits at absurdly low costs.

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