Amazing July 1st Rules New Laws and Regulations You Need to Know

Amazing July 1st Rules: New Laws and Regulations You Need to Know


On July 1st, a number of state legislation pertaining to property and child education go into force.

Children from low-income households will be able to afford swim lessons thanks to a voucher program established by SB 544.

Under HB 931, schools are able to provide student support through the use of volunteer chaplains.

SB 1264 mandates that communism be taught in public schools.

Book challenges in public schools are covered by HB 1285.

Amazing July 1st Rules New Laws and Regulations You Need to Know

A non-parent or guardian may only participate in one book challenge every month.

Not only is parking a contentious issue locally, but a recent state law mandates that parking lots prominently display their policies and fees at the lot’s entrance.


What’s Changing in Illinois on July 1, 2024: New Laws Explained

Additionally, those who enter the lot but do not park are granted a 15-minute grace time.

Condos are now included in the “My Safe Florida Home” program according to HB 1029.

In an effort to better safeguard against storms, it provides homeowners with grant money for hardening their condominium.

This can also result in cheaper insurance premiums.

Builders are required by HB 623 to provide a warranty for newly constructed homes.

That lasts for a year following the sale or occupation of the house.

According to HB 621, if squatters have entered a property illegally and have not left even after the owner has asked them to, deputies are authorized to assist in their removal.

Additionally, it makes squatter punishments more severe.

Everyone has been informed by Tyndall Air Force Base that their land is exempt from the new bear rule.

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