Alert! Investigating the Closure of National Pharmacy Chains What's Behind the Shutdowns

Alert! Investigating the Closure of National Pharmacy Chains: What’s Behind the Shutdowns?


Changes at major drugstore chains are having an effect on local stores. Many locations are going out of business, and Northeast Ohio is no exception.

The causes for the businesses’ financial woes have been attributed to pharmaceutical benefit managers, according to an analyst who talked with News 5.

Senior Writer and Researcher for DrugWatch.Com, Terry Turner, described these individuals as “the guys who negotiate prices between drugstores and the insurers.” He added that since reimbursement rates have been declining, these pharmacies are walking a fine line.

Alert! Investigating the Closure of National Pharmacy Chains What's Behind the Shutdowns

“People in low-income areas often have less money to spend on medication, so when stores close, those are the ones that make the least money for them.”

“Pharmacy deserts” exist, according to Turner. Those are the neighborhoods where you won’t find any pharmacies or where getting to one can be a challenge.


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This isn’t limited to CVS, though. Rival large-scale drugstore businesses reduce hours and shutter locations

According to Turner, there isn’t a simple solution to the problem. “Unless you’re fortunate enough to have health insurance that covers the cost of medication delivery, which, unfortunately, isn’t an option for everyone.”

We must ensure that those in need have access to medication, he said. “We need to figure something out, and it might end up being a government program that states or the federal government implements to make sure that everyone has access to prescription drugs.”

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