According To I-Team Investigation Towns Could Ban Private Property Gunfire Under New Bill

According To I-Team Investigation: Towns Could Ban Private Property Gunfire Under New Bill

Cleveland, Ohio —

More and more people are joining the FOX 8 I-Team in calling for cities to ban gun violence on national holidays.

Somebody, or a large group of people, will probably go off around midnight on July 4th or New Year’s Eve to celebrate.

Even when individuals capture footage of their neighbors shot indiscriminately in celebration of a holiday, the Cleveland police are helpless to respond to the majority of such calls, as the I-Team exposed.

The time has come for a change movement that is gathering steam.

According To I-Team Investigation Towns Could Ban Private Property Gunfire Under New Bill

Image – Fox 8 News

After the clock struck midnight on January 1, we learned that the Cleveland Police Department had 101 reports of gunfire. Further investigation revealed that no charges were lodged related to firearms or shooting.

A resident hears gunshots in a police body camera video footage, but one officer says, “We cannot do anything about somebody firing a gun on their own property.” All the resident can say is, “Wow.”


Big Illegal Battle – Prince George’s Co. Gun Violence Study Group Analyzes the Issue

The right to bear arms on private land is protected by Ohio law. A new state law would allow municipalities to opt out of that.

Representative Casey Weinstein of the state expressed the desire for her constituents to enjoy the Fourth of July while also ensuring their safety.

Weinstein and state representative Darnell Brewer are fighting for a certain bill.

What we see here is an example of gun violence. Forget about the pain this could inflict on someone,” Weinstein remarked. “That kind of thing ought never to take place in any Ohio town.”

We discovered a Cleveland ordinance and a state statute prohibiting open carry of firearms. Shooting on private land is authorized by both statutes.

Under the new legislation, local governments would have the authority to outlaw the discharge of firearms on private land.

When I was younger, I served on the city council. An integral component of our legal system, in my opinion, is local control,” Weinstein continued.

At this time, a House committee is considering the bill’s draft. Supporting lawmakers are reaching out to constituents across the state in the hopes of passing the measure by year’s end.

Officer Jamieson Ritter, who was killed on July 4 in Cleveland, has been identified, according to updates.
No need to celebrate just yet; the Cleveland police are merely requesting that you refrain from firing.

“It’s not responsible,” stated Sgt. Freddy Diaz. Rounds have the potential to inflict devastating injuries or even fatalities when they fall. Please do not open fire on the general populace.

From midnight on New Year’s Day, one 911 caller stated, “Everybody’s on the floor. Brutal, like a battlefield.

The fight to put a stop to gun violence during the holidays has begun.

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