13-Year-Old Injured as Ohio Man Allegedly Shoots at Woman's Car

13-Year-Old Injured as Ohio Man Allegedly Shoots at Woman’s Car

Here in Columbus, Ohio

(WFCN) —

A 13-year-old child was shot as a result of an ongoing conflict in Ohio, as stated in court filings.

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The incident took place in Columbus on Friday afternoon. According to the charging papers, 23-year-old Cameron Tyler is accused of shooting a woman’s car and striking a 13-year-old within.

It was the victim’s mother who allegedly witnessed him firing the gun, according to the police. Apparently, she and her boyfriend were feuding for the last few months, and he lived across the street.


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It is anticipated that the mother will recuperate after driving her injured child to the hospital.

The authorities are actively seeking Tyler, who is wanted on three charges of felonious assault.

You might be thinking, “Well, this doesn’t apply to me.” However, a suspect is still at large after shooting a youngster in broad daylight in a neighborhood. Sergeant James Fuqua of the Columbus Police Department stated that somebody have the capacity to do harm on another person.

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